Top Holiday Charms in Kenya

Kenya – the name is virtually tantamount with the word “safari”

Plausibly no other place in the world mesmerizes the gems of adventure and passion. For those planning to visit for the first time, Kenya has absolute diversity of alluring things to do. Wildlife and nature obviously tops the list – masses of wildebeests traversing across the grasslands during the phenomenal migration in Masai Mara, meet the elephants at Amboseli eye-to-eye or visit Lake Nakuru, the paradise of numerous flamingos and lot more fun and adventures …

Past the illustrious safari wilderness lays a collection of coastal treasures.Visitors can relax on the glistening beaches; do snorkeling; dive fish-rich coral reefs; experience the appealing cultures and cuisines in Mombasa and Malindi

The landscapes are magnificent; with mountain ranges, calderasand the Great Rift Valley which splits the country. Visitors can ascent the snow-shrouded equatorial peaks of Mount Kenyaand fish trout in sparkly clear streams.

Hell’s Gate National Park is a perfect display of the Great Rift Valley which harbors obsidian caves and gorges while hissing with natural geysers and hot springs.

Amboseli National Park

Located about 250km south-east of Nairobi and accessible by road or air; Amboseli is an ...

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